Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Port au Prince, Haiti

Year: 2013

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Project

Client: Hermanas de la Caridad Dominicanas


The central-plan chapel, inspired by the typical round corner Columbian crucifix, consists of four curved walls which define the indoor space. The entrance door interrupts the continuity of one of the septa and leads the inside the building through two big steps.

The benches are ordered according to the needs of the Catholic assembly-based liturgy: they are placed on three different levels and face the altar placed at the centre of the composition. On the outside, the curved outline of the walls defines four areas each having a specific function, including that of entrance. On the opposite side with respect to the entrance is the outside altar. The other two " slices " respectively host one chapel dedicated to the founder and another to the Virgin. The whole building is dominated by a large one-layer roofing: it starts at the entrance and it grows in height until around the bell tower.

The main materials used for the construction of the chapel are: reinforced concrete for the framework, metal sheet for the roof and wood for the benches.