Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Castello di Maniace

Year: 2011

Type: Competition

Status: 2nd prize

Auctioner: The Tamarind


This pavilion was designed to be built in the courtyard of the Maniace castle, in the furthest point of the Ortigia island, as the entrance to the "Festival of Mediterranen Culture of Syracuse".

The objective of the competition was to offer a low-tech and low-cost solution inspired by Mediterranean architecture. Embodying the spirit of the event, the project wants to convey the idea of the encounter between the different populations who live around the Mediterranean: the market, being a symbol of exchange and of meeting of cultures, has been taken as the ideal inspiration for the project. The simple shape of the white buildings of the Mediterranean tradition inspires the main structure, while lightly coloured sheets hanging on a wooden structure have replaced the thick masonry walls. This ensures both protection from the sun and good natural ventilation. The irregular casing moves with the wind and allows free passage on the long sides of the pavilion.

The second distinguishing feature is the internal portal, made with a double layer of coloured sheets, which ushers the visitors into the event.