Designers: R3Architetti _ n.o.v.a.civitas

Location: Biella

Year: 2012

Type: Education Project

Status: Built

Auctioner: Politecnico di Torino, Fondazione Pistoletto


The Pavilion was built within the spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella in collaboration with the NGO Architecture Without Borders, Piedmont.

The building consists of a parallelepiped of about 20 square meters: it has wooden-framed thatched walls and an asymmetrical pitched roof that protects the underlying cubical structure from bad weather. The pavilion was designed to inform visitors on the actual advantages of building with straw and on the building techniques used in this sector. Our main objective was to engage children and help them understand the entire process of straw-based building: we offered them the possibility of simulating the cultivation of a small rice plantation inside the tank for the collection of rainwater placed along the main facade of the building.

The pavilion is perfectly insulated and doesn’t need any heating or cooling system thanks to the thatched walls and the latest generation window-frames used.