Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Parco della Maddalena

Year: 2014

Type: Competition

Status: 1st prize

Competition organization: Gaia institute


The main strength of this imagined structure is in the marriage of form and functional flexibility with the rational use of materials.

Such elementary form with its enclosed form reveals its complexity when the individual faces of the cube rotate around their median.

This system has allowed us to realize, within a single module, nine different functions/spatial assets outlined by the combination of the rotating panels (as it’s shown in the graphic drawings). The structural frame of the project is made with laminated wood and steel joints. The two fixed horizontal panels and the four rotating walls, placed around a steel pivot, are made with thatched wooden frames enclosed between two plexiglass sheets.

The plant system that ensures the module’s functioning as well as its water/energetic self-sufficiency, is housed in the two roof and floor panels as well as in sealed compartments within the metal frame.