Architects: R3Architetti_ Graphic design: Marta Carrera

Place: Fossano

Year: 2014

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built

Client: Ubloom


The project was realised inside the Ubloom co-working space in Fossano. It consists of two different types of interior designs and of a series of graphics realised with the string-art technique. The limited budget and the diverse functional requirements played a key role in the project’s development and in the choice of the building materials.

Inside a long and narrow space on the ground floor, three septa composed of a thatched wooden frame covered with jute net, outline four independent areas for business calls. Weat-straw has been chosen for it’s excellent acoustic insulation properties.

On the first floor one enters the very heart of the co-working space with the main room dedicated to the communal work. Four walls, made with hemp ropes and wood recycled from old glass packing boxes, divide the space physically but not visually. A fruit box is hung on each wall and can be used as a shelf for working tools.