Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Torino_Architettura in Città

Year: 2014

Type: Exposition

Status: Built

Client: Festival Architettura in città


The exhibition structure was built for the Festival City Architecture in 2014 to explore the topic of work in contemporary society and its influence in workspace design. The project unfolds following a short itinerary: an introductory section outside the module leads to the first indoor exhibition area dedicated to imagining the main space for the work of the future: the multipurpose cube (STRAW3).

The second area focuses on the concept of dynamic work: an exhibition of two R3 projects shows how the theme of ‘work’ has been reinterpreted according to unconventional models.

In the final part of the exhibition, entitled INDUSTRY3, a video made by Twin Pixels shows old local factories that are now no longer in use.