Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Torino

Year: 2014

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built

Client: Officine Corsare


Building the new back-counter of Officine Corsare (Corsair Workshop), a trendy bar in Turin, is the first step towards an overall renovation plan. The new back-counter design is based on a geometric composition of hollow volumes whose depth is emphasized by a deliberate light design.

Many cube sections obtained from precast concrete elements have been hung on the wall using threaded bars. The regularity of the composition is highlighted by a L shaped frame made with OSB, which increases the display space for the bottles and matches the lining of the niche where the sink is placed.

There’s a light inside each volume to further emphasize the bottles on display while a blade of light lights up the top of the wall, allowing customers to read the new menus that are written on it each week.