Design team: R3Architetti, Lorenzo Bernardi

Literary project: Beppe Severgnini, Stefania Chiale

Year: 2014

Type: Design

Recipient: Renzo Piano and the G124 group


R3’s versatility and curiosity stretch beyond architecture and design and has led them to realise the literary project "Suburban Pages " in collaboration with journalists Beppe Severgnini and Stefania Chiale.

R3 crafted a four-page volume illustrated with pop-up images: on each page a literary excerpt describes the suburbs of an Italian city. Rome, portrayed by Pier Paolo Pasolini in "Ragazzi di Vita" (1955), opens the collection. On the second page we find Alessandro Perissinotto’s "Le Colpe dei Padri" (2013) that depicts the district Falchera in Turin. On the third page is an excerpt from "Venere Privata" (1966) by Giorgio Scerbanenco, where the author talks about Milan’s work decentralization. The book ends with a passage from Roberto Saviano’s "Gomorra" (2006) capturing the Neapolitan cityscape.

The book "Suburban Pages" has been presented at the Italian Senate on the 27th of November 2014 during the meeting of the G124 Group coordinated by architect Renzo Piano.