Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Turin

Year: 2015

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built


R3architetti found their own “creating space” in the little atelier of 14m2, overlooking the street in San Salvario district, Turin, Italy.

Taking to account its limited size, we work in sections, where the workspace is articulated with scaffolding pipe structure. This solution not only gives support to tables and the mezzanine but redefines the space through a sequence of portals, maximizing the potential of the whole volume.

The first part of internal structure is dedicated to projects. Pinned to the curtain ropes drafts are illuminated by three light bulbs, which identify an exhibitional space. On the opposite side, there’s current projects area, held to large OSB panel, together with working tools and sketches.

Cantilevers the tables are supported with, allow to liberate underlying space. The individual working sections are emblemed with lamps.

The mezzanine is intended to be a space for constructing maquettes. It is accessible through the ladder, located in a wall niche. The meetings and the reception take place on a glass plate, just next to the ongoing projects.