Architects: R3Architetti

Systems consultant: ing. Federico Daffara

Place: Pont Canavese (TO)

Year: 2015

Type: Competition

Status: Idea


The project was developed for a competition promoted by the munycipality of Pont Canavese. The aim of the competition was the enlargement of the existing school campus on the edge of the historic center with the addition of a new primary school building.

The proposal wanted to conciliate different needs underlined in the competition brief; in addition to the issue of landscape integration with the natural environment - particularly rich and exciting - we tried to incorporate the needs of legislation, building construction, functionality and the economic constraints express by municipality, in order to develop a quality solution for the local community.

The school building has been split into multiple volumes to prevent the insertion of an out of scale object and build a relationship with the fragmentation of the urban contest. Particulary attention was spended for the project of common areas: corridors, play zones, canteen and courtyards. In addition it was decided to cover the internal structure, made of prefabricated elements in concrete and laminated wood, with an outer skin that recalls shapes (the stone roofs that characterize the town of Pont Canavese) and materials (chestnut wood) of local building tradition.