Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Ingolstadt (GER)

Year: 2015

Type: Competition

Status: Idea


The Europan 13, a european competition for projects of ideas at the urban and architectural scale, has been focused on the theme of "the adaptable city": adaption to the need for more sustainable development but adaption also to the context of an economic crisis that the majority of European cities are currently undergoing. Among the different sites we chose Ingolstadt, a city of 130.000 inhabitants in Bavaria, famous to be the headquarter of the German automobile manufacturer Audi.

We have imagined the historical centre of the city as a complex mechanism, which functions through the interaction of the its many cogs. Today Ingolstadt historical centre appears like a mechanism that works well in some of its parts and less so in others, such as in the northern area – the subject of the competition announcement. It’s as if some gears were missing so that the dynamism of the central pedestrian zone is not transmitted to the northern area, which appears as a ‘jammed’ area of the city-apparatus.

Conceptually our project aim is to add a series of missing gears with the intention to propel the northern area and consequentially to implement the performance of the entire “Old town Ingolstadt compact city” mechanism. The cogs to which we metaphorically refer do not only translate into a material intervention, but rather include social, political and economic interventions.