Design team: R3Architetti, partnership with arch. Lorenzo Piacentino

Place: La Calera, Bogotà (Colombia)

Year: 2016

Status: Faisabilty project

Client: Private


The project is the preliminary study for a holiday home at la Calera, on the mountains surrounding Bogotà, Colombia.

The ample lot immersed in nature has been addressed by designing two crossing composition that define new reference points and new spaces. The main axis, that of the building, develops as a one-floor shaft positioned in optimal orientation, which allows all the lined-up living areas to share the best view on the surrounding landscape. This shaft crosses a second one, made up of the garage-workshop and of an external platform that stretches into the natural landscape.

The intersection of the two axis is the pivotal point and the most social area of the house. There one can find the main entrance – connected to the garage through a pergola - and the guests’ living room facing the fireplace and the external platform. The two bedrooms are at the extremities of the shaft and face the living room through two service areas (bathrooms and built-in wardrobes) which contribute to increase a sense of privacy. The plan distribution allows for the two rooms to be independent, should they be rent out for touristic purposes.