Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Milano

Year: 2017

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built


A young photographer operating in the fashion industry has commissioned R3architetti to design a loft near the Isola neighbourhood in Milan. The new space, obtained in a former workshop, was designed to fulfil the double need for a home and a professional studio, in where it is possible to have short photo-shootings.

The large central space, illuminated by a sequence of windows that overlook an internal courtyard, has been redesigned as a living area that could change over time, expanding and contracting in relation with the needs of the professional photo studio.

The boundary between the two activities (home and studio) is marked by a mobile furniture device. This furniture, could slide on wheels and is oriented by a wall-guide. It has the possibility of running longitudinally along the entire space, generating a closure by means of roller blinds hidden inside. The furniture also has the function of a mezzanine to create photographs from a higher position and support for the lights of the photographic set. On one wall are installed photographic backdrops that receive good natural light coming from the side windows, dampened by a continuous semi-transparent curtain that redefines one side of the environment.

The large central space is connected to the extremes with two smaller volumes organized on two levels. One pole is intended for the purely private area of the house while another semi-public area is dedicated to make-up area for the models and guest rooms. All the furnishings are designed as a composition of modular elements inserted in a metal frame that aggressively attacks the space.