Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Monferrato, Piedmont

Year: 2017

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built


The swimming pool was intended as a completion of the yard in an old farmhouse on the hills surrounding Asti, using the narrow and long space once occupied by a small warehouse.

The area has been chosen for its unique panoramic feature since it faces the sheer valley below, characterized by vineyards, sunflowers and hazelnut trees. The presence of such a landscape led us to design an infinity pool, whose neat shapes in the flooring highlight the surrounding landscape. The area around the pool is divided into a solarium zone facing the valley, an upper level for events and a small panoramic terrace.

The cladding recalls the colours of the surrounding landscape, whereas the bottom of the pool has a light colour so that it gives the water a natural and crystal-clear effect. The intervention, through pole foundations, has preserved some pre-existing features such as the two figue trees whose foliage emerge from the edge of the pool. The atmosphere is particularly striking in autumn days, when the fog rises from the valley and the silent water seems to be suspended over nothing.