Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Warsaw

Year: 2017

Type: Competition

Status: Idea


The HEMPatia project represents a new model of development for the E14 Warsaw site. The aim of the project is to connect and revitalize very different suburbs of the city through a new model of integrated settlements and production spaces.

The project gives not just a spatial planning solution to the shortage of dwellings but suggests new solutions that lead to a productive development over time. The project is presented as a time-line. It develops both by addressing the legacy of local issues linked to a past system and by offering solutions to the new challenges at global level.

The first phase is focused on the soil pollution produced by the previous industrialization model. A natural land reclaim is imagined using hemp (Cannabis Sativa - Beniko or Bialobrzeskie admitted according to CE 1251/1999 reg.), a special ‘mining plant’ able to absorb the heavy metals and the pollutants melt into the soil. Hemp has been chosen not only to solve the contamination problems but looking for a new production chain connected to the innumerable possibilities of manufacturing using this plant.