Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Baldissero (Turin)

Year: 2017

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built


The project revolves around a minor addition to a detached house built in the early 2000 on Turin hills.

The new volume develops horizontally, including the pre-existing volume in the little tower containing the staircase and defining a new internal configuration for the attic where a new study room and a bedroom are located. A wide central opening has been developed in order to increase the solar contribution in the study area and at the same time to offer the best possible view on the valley in front of the house. This addition was supported by pilotis that generate a porch sheltering the living room opposite the garden on the ground floor.

The addition develops as an element of simplified shapes that lighten the complex front of the house, characterized by typical urban elements such as ashlar and dormer windows, making it more rural. The addition is connected to the pre-existing structure through materials such as plaster and roof tiles, but also develops independently as an addition thanks to the neatness of its shapes. The harmony with the surrounding landscape is suggested by the use of wood in the two headboards and in the porch's intrados.