Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Turin

Year: 2017

Type: Competition

Status: Idea


The internal refurbishment of the “Scuola Media Pascoli”, a junior high school in Turin, develops through the maximization of the volumes that had been left free by the spatial conformation characterizing the historical building involved in the project. The new spaces are conceived taking into account particularly those activities that are done outside the classrooms, where the spaces of socialization and aggregation are fundamental.

The old staircase, whose only previous function was vertical communication, has now become the new core of the building around which we have designed platforms that can be used by all students in the school. There they can meet, play, rest and focus on minor extra-curricular activities. On the ground floor, the height of the corridors has allowed us to design mezzanines where to develop public services such as the library and an exhibition gallery. The music lab, integrated in the gym area, allows the school to use this area also as an auditorium and a common room, thanks to the possibility of moving the room in two different levels. The main entrance has been redeveloped, thus creating an area that uses the natural light coming from the inner yard and leads the distribution towards the central staircase.

Modular desks were also designed so that they can be arranged in different ways together with their seats. They are provided with storage spaces for books and workbooks under the writing surface and for bags behind the seating. The upper surface can be tilted so that hand-drawing and the access to the lower part get easier.