Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Turin

Year: 2017

Type: Direct Commission

Status: Built

Client: Private


The “Spazio Mobile” project arose from the necessity to rethink the furniture workshop Chiale Arreda in Pinerolo (near Turin) and create a more flexible and versatile space. The aim was to find a way to modify the space over time, following the different commodity needs of the furniture workshop.

The open-space has been articulated so that four steel tracks incorporated in the ceiling structure can divide the area planimetrically. Every track has a special attaching system for the fastening of micro-perforated metal-sheet screening panels. They have been designed so that the panels can be placed all along the track, one close to another or turned according to the necessity, in order to create different exhibition paths.

The new floor, made of a vinyl-weave carpet, integrates with the other elements in order to create a bright environment, which highlights the colours and the materials of the furniture on display.