Design team: R3Architetti

Year: 2017

Type: Design

Publisher: Zanichelli


R3architetti has developed a division for graphic projects and visual communication, called ‘R3disegno’. The drawings are developed from simple concepts such as composition (to offer pleasant and balanced images) narration (to represent only what is important) and style (to maintain uniformity and recognisability). R3 has curated the illustrations of the volume «Artemondo» by Emanuela Pulvirenti edited by Zanichelli. Zanichelli is one of the most important editors in Italy that publishes mainly textbooks, professional books and scientific publications.

«Artemondo» is a book of art history for secondary school that contains more than 200 illustrations. The approach to graphic representation followed a process of simplification of elements and the use of a more drawn approach than technical language. The drawings were divided according to four communication categories:

- introductory schemes for understanding the chapter

- simplification schemes for the works

- architectural schemes

- representations of great architectural works