Architects: R3Architetti

Place: Monferrato

Year: 2017

Type: Direct commission

Status: Idea


The project recovers an old country house immersed in the Monferrato hills, where the owners usually retire at the weekend. The customers also requested that some spaces should be made suitable for a meditation centre and a b&b. A new metal arbour with terracotta bricks has been added to the eastern side of the building.

This spatial element has two functions. First as identification so that the place can be recognized by the visitors, who are led towards the new entrance marked by a glass door. This new axis also connects the new entrance to the gardens that can be found on different levels, where outdoor activities are organized.

A series of stiff curtains divides the main garden from a private yard. The indoor meditation activities are organized in a big room obtained from an old canopy that has big windows facing the main garden, shaded by the arbour and its vines.

On the ground floor there are a second and more intimate room and a changing room, whereas on the second floor we can find the guest rooms. The rooms intended for the family are designed in an attic, which can be entered through a secondary entrance.